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Stagette Party
I am the type to follow the lead and referrals from those I know, so I asked around
when it was time to plan my friends Stagette party... I heard this site was the one to go
to, that the company has been in business over 2 decades, and they provide
entertainers and models for professional, corporate, private events. My friends at a
local nightclub said they use them for promo models and entertainers all the time...
I liked what I heard from people so I went with them...
I called the number on the website,
I talked to one of the girls in the office, (you could hear others and a lot of phones
ringing in the background so they were busy as I had heard)... The girl was very nice,
arranged everything for me and I was surprised how quick, easy, friendly
and professional they truthfully there was a glitch...the day of the event
the manager calls me and tells me the entertainer I wanted was not going
to be able to make it...the manager assured me they could send a replacement
or I could cancel-it was my choice. I was hesitant thinking oh no, what am I going to
get, but I thought I've gotten good feedback and vibes and went with it...
a bit of reluctant and feeling anxious but I said OK and crossed my fingers,
I did not want to let my friends down and really hoped this company
wasn't going to let me down...boy am I glad I did...the replacement entertainer
showed up, he was good looking and the girls in attendance were digging him
...the bride loved him, so much so we were afraid the wedding was going you be
called off, haha...but it all was a great experience and I'm glad I said ok
when they said do you want us to send a replacement...all ended better than i could
have planned...I didn't let my friends down nor did the company didn't let me down.
Jessica. P...

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Cities and Towns in Madison County
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Hire male strippers for your party in Madison County
Hire female strippers for your party in Madison County
Hire male strippers for your party in Madison County
Hire female strippers for your party in Madison County
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Madison County is a county located in the state of Florida, in the center of its northern is
also called Madison.[3] As of August 28, 2012, Madison became a wet county, meaning
that voters had approved the legal sale, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages

Located in what is known as the Florida Panhandle, Madison County was created in
1827.[5] It was named for James Madison, fourth President of the United States of
America, who served from 1809 to 1817.[6] It was developed as part of the plantation belt,
with cotton cultivated and processed by enslaved African Americans